Thursday, November 23, 2006

Inspiration from Trinity Academy, Thorne nr. Doncaster

An amazing effort by the staff, pupils and local community of Trinity Academy in Thorne has resulted (so far) in over 900 blue squares to add to the river. This is, simply, an incredible achievement and a real inspiration. Their photos have an immense, and sometimes emotional response from those who have seen them, and so they are posted here.
A huge thankyou to everyone involved for your hard work and dedication. It really does make a difference.


Anonymous jessica w said...

hi this is jessica walker if you look on the first picture i am the 3rd one from the left and i am on every picture there> this was hard work trying to many as we can in so little time i would like to thank my tutor mr mcarthur eho set this all up!! he a fantastic tutor and geog teacher !! i hope all the knitting hepled all the people with no water to show the world who much we care to take up our time and knit for all thesepoor people who need water!! thanks alot jess xxxxx

10:06 pm  

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