Thursday, November 23, 2006

A tale of friendship and celebration...

A selection of squares from Southampton, New York. I hope the ladies won't mind if I post their comments here as they say much better than I could...
"Enclosed are ten squares for the 'Knit A River' project completed by a group of eight women from New York celebrating the 60th birthday of one of our dear friends, Laura. We took Laura on a surprise weekend visit to a lakeside inn in New Preston, Connecticut and brought along a variety of blue yarn and knitting needles. Since Laura is a generous and giving person, we felt that the 'Knit A River' project would fit perfectly into the weekend's activities.
We had a wonderful time talking and knitting, with the more experienced knitters helping the beginners. We agreed that the individual squares we created are as different as we are and yet together make a beautiful statement of our friendship. As one friend said, "Different texturs, different dimensions, different complexities, different palettes, as beautiful, warm and comfortable as a favorite sweater."

Thanks to Jane, Janet, Kathy, Alice, Carol, Karyn, Linda and birthday girl Laura (Happy birthday!)


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